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Design Agency

Design & Prototyping



Drag-and-drop widgets to design your pages, and let IUEditor take care of the coding. Save development time & cost.

Draw instead of coding

IUEditor gives you the power to build responsive websites. Our intuitive UI makes creating mobile pages much easier. 

Scalable to fit screens

No more half pixels, dirty shapes or alpha-blended messes. IUEditor also offers zoom, ruler and guideline tools. 

Pixel perfect canvas view


IU Projects can be integrated with back-end frameworks such as AngularJS, Django, NodeJS, JSP, PHP and WordPress.

Back-end integration

If your website is not static web page and needs dynamic data, composition and collection widgets are available at your use.

Data binding

IUEditor helps you utilize any function without any limitation. You can insert custom codes to any element.

Code customization

Keep revision history with notes for each element. Drag screens between columns and check project status at a glace.

Project management

Automatically export your project document to keep track of work, or share.

Document exportation


Use IUEditor for team projects. For those with enterprising needs, prototype mode helps share documentation.


The tracing tool is like a layer.

Apply transparent images on canvas to guide your designs.

Tracing image

Take advantage of this GUI-based web editor. You can manage color palettes for each project.

Color picker & palette

Simply add complex web elements by dragging widgets like Web video, Google maps, Carousel and Tab view.

Awesome widgets

Easily create life-like interactions for scroll animations and mouse-over styles in just a few clicks. 

Interacting animations

Add meta tags in Project Setting for SEO. Attract visitors as you wish.


Insert YouTube URLs or Google Maps coordinates to each widget's property tab to change the UI.

Dynamic properties

Lee Hyojin

8percent CEO

"IUEditor made it possible for us to develop our platform in one week without a front-end developer. It significantly reduced our web development time so we could launch our service ahead of our competitors and become Korea’s largest P2P lending service."

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