Latest Version : ( Jan. 20, 2016 )

IUEditor is the most advanced website builder. You can develop a website simply

by using drag-and-drop. IUEditor supports various devices (phone, tablet and desktop), custom animation and back-end systems including Django, AngularJS and WordPress.

How it works



in 12 min

in 12 minutes

11 videos for beginners

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The only GUI-based web editor that supports back-end integration

Upload your website online and sync immediatly 

Share your work, check mobile layout directly on your phone

Upload your website online and sync immediatly

Share your work, check mobile layout directly on your phone

- Upload up to 5 websites for free

Integrate with a cloud hosting service

Work better

Ship early!

IUEditor here to simplify your web development process and help users launch websites more quickly. Validate you idea immediately with IUEditor, gather feedback and improve your idea instantly. Dominate the market.

You can complete the entire design and development process in an incredibly short time. Save time, speed up your development. Don't struggle with aligning words in a text editor. Check output immediately on IUEditor, instead of going back and forth between html and css files.

Templates generated by IUEditor

Company Landing Page

App Showcase

Photo Gallery

Mobile Service Site

Travel Agency

Latest Version : ( Jan. 20, 2016 )

Run on OS X 10.10 Yosemite / 10.11 El Capitan



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Frequently Asked Questions

IUEditor is a powerful prototyping tool. But the output is a website, not a PDF or an image file. IUEditor helps refine web development process.

Is IUEditor a prototyping tool

for designing websites?

How is IUEditor different from other web editors?

IUEditor is a graphical WYSIWYG web editor. With IUEditor, designers can develop HTML without any knowledge of front-end. IUEditor also supports Django, AngularJS and wordpress, so the designers and developers can work together.

Tell me more about IUEditor license.

We offer different types of license for individual developers and companies. We offer free licenses to students, startups and the open-source community (contact iu@jdlab.org). Technical support is available to paid users.

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What problem do you have to develope website?

If you upgraded OS X El Capitan(10.11), 

Please download latest version of IUEditor