Latest Version : ( Sept. 30, 2015 )

Runs on OS X Yosemite


IUEditor is the most advanced website-builder.

You can develop a website which support various devices with just simple drag-and-drop. Moreover, IUEditor supports custom animation, powerful widget and backend-system.

Add Widgets

Add Widgets

Edit Styles

Edit Styles


Animate it

Animate it

Responsive Size

Create Responsive Web

Create Responsive Web

Visual Programming

Design and develop a website by drag-and-drop pre-developed widgets. 

With IUEditor, you can develop web site without HTML.

Applying beautiful styles on widget is as simple as graphic tools.

Manipulate widgets to fit on your ideas and content, with pixel-perfect preview. 

Convenience for your creativity

Convenience for  

your creativity

IUEditor offers easy-to-use animations, such as mouse-over effects,

scroll animations and more.

Awake silent screen 

Awake silent


IUEditor supports multiple media queries, that you can easily re-arrange widgets for different screen widths. Optimize your website for both desktop and mobile.

Your work on any device

Your work

on any device

Work better

Ship early!

IUEditor is invented in order to shorten the web development process and help users launch websites more quickly.

Once you caught an Idea, immediately validate it with IUEditor. Gather feedbacks, and improve it. Dominate the market.

You can complete all the design and development process in incredibly short time. Save time, speed up your development. Don't be stressed aligning words in text editor. Check outputs immediately on IUEditor, instead of going back and forth among html/css files.

Critical Widgets

Want to add google map? Video player or social button? IUEditor just takes care of it. We've continuously updated useful widgets.

Mobile Support

IUEditor project can have multiple Media Query sizes. Users may select media queries of whatever size, depending on their needs.

Backend Integration

IUEditor supports backend system.

Desiner and developer can work on the same project simultaneously. Currently, IUEditor projects can be integrated with Django.

Upload and Sync Online

IUEditor can be integrated with Cloud Service. Users need just one-click to upload and syncronize projects.   Currently, IUEditor supports Heroku.


Get Lean

IUEditor supports backend system.

Desiner and developer works on same Project. Currently, IUEditor is integrated with Django.

Reduce Cost & Time

You can start run your business website with one designer and one back-end devleoper. No more resources needed

automate webpublishing

Templates generated by IUEditor

Make your own websites using IUEditor

Latest Version : ( Sept. 30, 2015 )

Run in OS X 10.10 Yosemite



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Top questions about IUEditor

Yes, IUEditor is powerful prototyping tool. But the output is not a pdf or an image; it is a real website. IUEditor helps refine web development process.

Output of prototyping is a real website.

Is it prototyping tool for designing websites?

What's different from other web developing tools?

IUEditor is a graphical WYSIWYG web editor.  

With IUEditor, a designer can finish front-end step without knowledge on HTML. IUEditor also provides input spaces for Django variable, so a back-end developer may work on the same project simultaneously.

What plans do you have for the IUEditor license?

IUEditor offers Free User License until 2015. Any one can use IUEditor personally but only for Non-Commercial Project. Student License is also free. Contact us for commercial use.

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What problem do you have to develope website?

If you upgraded OS X El Capitan(10.11), 

Please download latest version of IUEditor

If you upgraded OS X El Capitan(10.11), 

Please download latest version of IUEditor